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After a year of negotiation and preparation with “parkrun SA” and “Discovery Vitality”, a parkrun venue was confirmed at the Grey Goose Game Lodge, and we launched on 7 November 2015.  The legendary Bruce Fordyce and his team, as well as Discovery Health and their team, was here for the launch.

For those of you who don’t know parkrun, it is a precisely measured, 5km course in park-like surroundings, held every Saturday of the year, at precisely 8am.  It is free of charge, and everyone is welcome (from kiddies, to serious runners, to grandads and grandmothers).  It can be walked, jogged or raced.

You will need to register online by visiting their website
Register Here
and remember to link your South African ID or passport number to your parkrun profile.  You can also register onsite, 45 minutes before the event begins. Discovery Vitality members can earn 500 Vitality points for every parkrun completed.  All Vitality points earned through parkrun will count towards the maximum Vitality points that can be earned for getting active.  You can keep track of the points you earn for every parkrun you complete on your Vitality points monitor.

Parkrun is now worldwide, at almost 1000 different venues, at exactly the same time, from New York, California, London, Paris to Moscow.   Every single town in South Africa wants a parkrun, so there is a queue for parkrun’s.  They are starting in, amongst many other venues, Soweto, Langebaan, Fochville, Wellington, Bella-Bella, Mitchells Plain, and dozens of others are also waiting for their establishment.  Parkrun’s are queuing up in Australia, USA, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, etc.  There are presently 60 parkrun’s in South Africa, with a quarter of a million registered park runners.  Worldwide, there will soon be over 2 million park runners.  It is very costly to establish a parkrun, and the London head office has very specific branding guidelines, etc.

The intention,   before it is too late, is to bring health and wellness to communities throughout the world, by reversing the destructive nature of our lifestyles.

When you go on holiday overseas, or to Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, etc., you can do your own parkrun on any Saturday morning at exactly the same time.

We are all looking forward with great excitement to this parkrun in our area. .  This is a health initiative that you should not miss.  Get your running shoes and join us.

We emphasize the need for everyone to have an exercise schedule, if they want optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Long ago, physical fitness, alone, was the corner-stone of human life, happiness and longevity.  Today, it is almost totally lacking, and, added to the stress of today’s existence and the pollution of every aspect of our environment, disease, mental illness and cancer is flourishing and is widespread and increasing, almost exponentially.

Why not base your new exercise program on a free weekly parkrun with your spouse and children under the ideal circumstances that exist at Grey Goose Game Lodge.

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