Situated just outside Newcastle on a beautiful 1000 acre game farm, the Grey Goose Game Lodge is an oasis from the day to day
run around. The farm boasts over 900 head of game including Zebra, Springbok, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Blesbok and
Ostriches. The 3km of river frontage is abundant with bird life where the endangered bald ibis is a common resident.

Our 30 rooms are tastefully furnished with a modern feel. Each room has an air-conditioner, TV with the full hospitality bouquet,
tea and coffee station, an en-suite bathroom and a comfortable area to relax on the veranda.

Our on-site restaurant, Gooseberries, is fully licensed and recently renovated- now with a modern and elegant feel. The menu
changes periodically, keeping up to date with food trends and fresh produce available. We also have two outdoor seating areas for
the balmy summer nights, where magnificent views can be enjoyed.


We will be undergoing a property modernization through major renovations from January 2022 onwards. Our public bathrooms, private bathrooms (in the rooms) and restaurant will receive a facelift.. Please contact us with any questions. We are excited to share the changes when they are complete!”

Why choose us?

Load-shedding is no problem due to our backup generator.
We have undying respect for nature and therefore have unbeatable views all round.
We boast over 900 heads of game with Springbucks, Ostriches and Wildebeest to name only a few (we are one of very few establishments in Newcastle that offers such a serene area to walk and do sightseeing).
Our lodge offers a fully licensed restaurant that not only serves delicious meals, but does so in a tranquil, peaceful environment.
Our lodge premises offers very high levels of safety with CCTV cameras in most main areas as well as a controlled main gate. 

and the list goes on!


We offer 30 comfortable rooms, all furnished with an air conditioner, tea and coffee station, en-suite bathroom and TV.


Our onsite restaurant is fully licensed with a modern and elegant atmosphere


We boast several exquisite venues. All of our venues have been renovated recently and offer a stylish reception for any event.


My Wife, June Wilson started the Grey Goose Game Lodge in 1994 after we moved to Newcastle in 1988 with our three small children.
The farm then, and everything on it had been plundered, eroded and rusted – no electricity, no piped water, no sewage facility and one rutted
dirt road, only passible after rain by 4 x 4 vehicles.
June’s love and respect for all people and nature made way for the introduction of game and the building of her first 6 rooms (rooms 1 – 6)
in 1994.

June managed the Lodge enthusiastically and proudly, providing her guests with the best home cooked meals from her own kitchen. Then
slowly but surely the expansions started, first a small breakfast room, then a tiny kitchen, then 6 more rooms, then a reception and so forth.
With the expansion my Wife got a management team to assist with the current running of the Lodge.

My Wife is now 73 years old and retired but our lives at the Lodge with our one son, Alan, who manages the Game farm and is a commercial
helicopter pilot and instructor has been absolutely fantastic. The Lodge has turned into more than we ever imagined it could be.
Like the phoenix rising from ash, June has erected a Lodge which beauty, safety and tranquillity is almost legendary.
Every bird, bunny, flower, tree – every springbok, zebra is treasured.

Our insistence on healthy life styles is clearly evident with our “in house” running / walking club and our own affiliated Park Run” (every
Saturday 8am) over 5 km.

Spectacular sunsets are displayed over the Lodges Western Drakensberg horizon.
Mankind’s shocking lifestyle and our callous disregard for Gods nature, sadden her tremendously and have motivated the Grey Goose to
provide a small paradise and refuge for the weary at heart.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Dr Brian Wilson (February 2018)