Grey Goose Game Lodge

Agriculture at Grey Goose

As a Game Lodge whose focus is mainly on nature and tranquility, we have recently joined hands with a local college to provide students with in-service training.

​Our students are passionate and dedicated to ensuring that their produce is tended to carefully.

Free Range Layers

We have over 200 free range laying hens, producing approximately 100 eggs per day.
Our Free Range Eggs are available at trays of 30. Grab yours now!

​We also have broiler chickens, producing fresh meat to our kitchen. Buy yours now!

Vegetable and Herb Garden

We grow our herbs using only organic material to infuse our dishes and to ensure that Gooseberries Family Restaurant serves only the best meals with the freshest ingredients.

​We currently produce our own tomatoes, thyme, basil, mint, lettuce, peppers, lavender and many more.


We currently have 4 beehives on our premises, each being taken excellent care of.

​Our honeybees are treated with absolute respect and honey is harvested regularly.

Fig Trees

We have over 30 Ficus carica’s, producing roughly 10kg figs per day in season.

​They are super fresh, soft and very flavourful.

Enjoy them on our new limited edition menu!