Grey Goose Game Lodge

Agriculture at Grey Goose

As a Game Lodge whose focus is mainly on nature and tranquility, we have recently joined hands with a local college to provide Agriculture students with in-service training.

Our students are passionate and dedicated to ensuring that their produce is tended to carefully, while our guests are served only the freshest organic produce at Gooseberries, our on-site restaurant.

Free Range Layers

Have you enjoyed an omelette at Gooseberries, our on-site restaurant, and wondered what the special ingredient is that makes it so DELICIOUS?

Well… we have over 200 happy, free range hens on our Farm producing fresh, organic eggs. 
Our Free Range Eggs are also available in trays of 30. Grab yours from reception!

We also have broiler chickens, producing fresh meat to our kitchen. 

Herb Garden

We grow our herbs using only organic material and compost. 

These herbs infuse our dishes perfectly to make it just THAT much more special, and to ensure that Gooseberries Family Restaurant serves only the best quality meals using the freshest ingredients.

We currently produce our own thyme, basil, mint, lavender and many more.

A Buzzing Adventure - Beekeeping

We believe in living in harmony with nature. 

Our beekeeping initiative is a testament to this commitment, offering guests a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of bees and their crucial role in our ecosystem. 

By maintaining healthy bee populations, we contribute to the pollination of our crops and the surrounding wilderness, supporting biodiversity and enhancing the health of our ecosystem. 

We are also the ONLY company providing bee removal services in and around Newcastle.

Celebrating Fungi

Our mushroom farming venture allows guests to discover the fascinating world of fungi while enjoying the freshest, most flavourful mushrooms straight from our farm to your plate. 

We currently grow delicate oyster mushrooms, harvested at its peak to ensure the highest quality and flavour. 

Not only are these mushrooms delicious, but also packed with nutrients and health benefits.


We have recently installed a new irrigation system which irrigates 6 hectares of fescue clover pastures.

This beautiful land can be seen on your left as you enter our Lodge.

This pasture is the first step in preparation of our up-and-coming farming developments! 

Watch this space!

Farmer's Market (COMING SOON)

Looking for a tranquil spot to purchase your veggies, crafts, preserves and produce? 

Look no further! 

We are working on a BRAND NEW Farmer’s Market which will be available to the public soon.

From Garden to Gourmet

We take pride in our expansive vegetable garden, where we cultivate a wide variety of fresh, organic produce. 

Our commitment to sustainable farming and farm-to-table dining ensures that every meal at our Lodge is infused with the vibrant flavours of just-harvested vegetables. 

When you dine at Grey Goose Game Lodge, rest assured that your food is as healthy as it is delicious!

What else is in the pipeline?

Our current initiatives, including our thriving vegetable garden, mushroom farming, and beekeeping, are just the beginning. 

We are planning a diverse range of new agricultural projects that will further enrich our guests’ experience and promote a sustainable lifestyle. 

Each step will be towards creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

We also hope to welcome school groups and tour groups to our Lodge to enjoy Eco Tours in the near future.

The Farmer can work from Dusk until Dawn Every Day and still have a Smile on his Face!