Grey Goose Game Lodge

Gooseberries Family Restaurant

Operating now for over 20 years, Gooseberries Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Northern KZN.

​Only a stone’s throw from Newcastle (3km to be precise), we are very well known for our good food and excellent service. Our front gate meets you with a backlit sign, displaying our Lodge’s well-earned tourism grade of 3 stars. Upon entry, you are welcomed by herds of game (ostriches, wildebeest, springboks, and waterbuck… to name only a few) and a short 2km drive on well maintained, paved roads leads you to our reception.

​Our reception parking provides optimum safety and security while you stroll through landscaped gardens to our reception desk. Our friendly receptionists welcome you and show you to your table. Gooseberries Restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, depending on your preference.

​You can enjoy a mouthwatering meal paired with a cold, refreshing drink while watching breathtaking sunsets over the Drakensberg Mountains.

​Stay overnight with us in tranquil surrounds in our luxury, newly renovated rooms. To ensure that you do not miss out on a moment’s fun, we have a 200kva generator until 10pm in the evening, with inverters to assist during midnight hours.

​Our food not only tastes exceptional, but is wholesome as it is prepared with organic, free range eggs, broilers and organic vegetables and herbs, all tended to by our agricultural students on-site.

​Sit back and enjoy your meal while the kids have endless fun in our kiddies zone, with a jumping pillow, jungle gyms and zip-line at their disposal.

Let our Culinary Team take your tastebuds on an adventure!

A Culinary Journey

Gooseberries Family Restaurant

Savour a dining experience where anything is possible.

Grey Goose celebrates the creativity and joy of food and wine through seasonal, innovative menus that are designed and prepared by highly skilled chefs. 

The modern dining area at Grey Goose overlooks a valley and is surrounded by the Drakensberg Mountains, resulting in some spectacular mealtime game viewings.

Breakfast with a Smile

Gooseberries Family Restaurant

Start your day the right way..

​Warm, fresh and filling… that’s what a breakfast should be. Here, at Grey Goose, we ensure that you kick start your day with a tantalizing breakfast.

​Our dedicated chefs crafted a menu that appeals to all palates and preferences.

Brew and Steep

Gooseberries Family Restaurant

We believe in the power of a strong brewed coffee and a well steeped tea.

​There are few experiences in life quite like sipping on a steaming cup of coffee while enjoying a truly mesmerizing view of the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains that surround our Lodge.

​At Grey Goose, our waiters are dedicated to ensuring that every cup of coffee that leaves our kitchen is perfectly balanced and robust in flavour.

Wine & Dine

Gooseberries Family Restaurant

Grey Goose Game Lodge offers a delectable selection of wine, brandy, whisky, sparkling wine and champagne.

In short, it can be said that wine is fermented grape juice, yet so much more… It has travelled the long – often difficult journey from the vineyard, into the cellar – then carefully nurtured by the capable hands of the winemaker, bottled and transported to some place in the universe where it finds itself into your glass; begging to be enjoyed and appreciated in the company of special friends and family alongside a plate of delectable food.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Gooseberries Family Restaurant

You can hear it from far and near, everywhere you go. Not just from the locals, but from travelers alike.

​Grey Goose Pizza is simply legendary!

​Watch it cook to pure perfection in our wood-fired pizza oven, all while enjoying the beauty of the Lodge surroundings.

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